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Jim Smith (Jim)

The Executive Happiness Coach  The Executive Happiness Coach®
Cleveland, OH

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Cleveland, OH
The Executive Happiness Coach
The Executive Happiness Coach®
9490 W 130th St
Cleveland, OH 44136
Cleveland, OH

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Newfield Certified Ontological Coach (NCOC), Newfield Network
Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
Body and Movement Practitioner, Newfield Network Mexico
Certified Global Team Coach, The Coach Partership - Singapore
Board Certified Coach (BCC); Center for Credentialing & Education
Certified Health & Wellness Coach, The Coach Partnership - Singapore
National Board Certified-Health & Wellness Coach, National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching
Registered Corporate Coach(RCC), Worldwide Assoc of Business Coaches
more than 10 years
Master's degree


Jim Smith, PCC, is an executive coach, international speaker, author, and change strategist. I work with executive and senior leaders who are smart, successful, ...and secretly stressed by the relentless demands of your job in an increasingly global space. I help you dramatically improve your leadership effectiveness, better balance your life, and build a more positive workplace culture. 

ABOUT ME: I spent 20+ years in Corporate America in senior executive roles in Sales, Finance, Operations, and HR, and have been coaching for over two decades. I have coached leaders from 31 countries and six continents to achieve greater leadership effectiveness and balance, and touched over 18,000 leaders through my work on leadership, positive emotion, and positive work culture. To learn more, please visit my website (click on the logo below). 

MY COACHING STYLE: Direct, Holistic, Full Contact.  I work in all three domains in which you show up as a human being: Head (language, self-talk, worldview), Heart (67% of the factors that distinguish great leaders are in the realm of Emotional Intelligence) and Body (I work with you in the somatic/physical realm to strengthen your Leadership Presence). I challenge you and help you to learn and achieve more than you knew possible. 

MY PROMISE: that you will experience moments of Discomfort, for it is only on the edge of DIScomfort that real learning and change occur.