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Meet Lamar Ratcliffe, ICF Cleveland's Favorite West Point Graduate!

Editor’s note: Lamar Ratcliffe might just be the friendliest member of ICF Cleveland. Many active chapter members say Lamar was the first person to make them feel welcome when they first joined the chapter. What’s your story about how Lamar made you at home at ICF Cleveland?


Lamar Ratcliffe is the founder and principal of SOS Coaching LLC. He has been helping veterans and business professionals in career transition for over 30 years. His expertise is helping his clients to become better networkers and then use their growing network to uncover, explore and land new opportunities.

Lamar joined the Cleveland Chapter of ICF to become a better coach and then decided to set up a formal business to grow his practice and increase its profitability. He has been an ambassador for ICF since he joined and many other members have joined at his invitation. He recommends all chapter members take full advantage of the opportunities to learn from each other during our virtual monthly meetings and one-to-one conversations between meetings.

Lamar’s favorite thing about his evolving career coaching is making a difference one client at a time (and each client is different). He uses a three-step approach to help his clients: an assessment of skills/accomplishments and passion/purpose; exploration and evaluation of possible opportunities; and execution of networking to uncover and win their next role. His biggest issue is saying no! He makes time for others, even when he does not have extra time in his schedule.

Lamar believes there are two times to network - when you are in search mode and when you are between searches. His greatest success during the current COVID-19 environment has been seeing numerous professionals use networking to grow and develop meaningful win-win relationships. Lamar loves to share his knowledge of networking in various organizations to "do his part” during the pandemic.

Lamar’s biggest challenge this year has been staying sane with sports at all levels going dormant. He is a sports junkie, who attends and follows high school, college and professional games in multiple sports. And his favorite sports are baseball and lacrosse (which he learned about and played intramurally at West Point).