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Meet Tamsin Astor, PhD...a Coaching Story on Two Continents, now centered in Cleveland!

My favorite thing about coaching is holding a vision for my clients that feels just outside their reach, and then helping them step into that vision. My clients come to me in a state of discomfort, due to overwhelm or some come-to-Jesus moment that has stimulated reflection and a desire to make some changes, or because they have a huge dream, but the path to get there is blurred.

I got an email from a client a couple of weeks ago who used a technique I had shared with her and practiced on our last coaching session, and had had a major breakthrough in a relationship she was struggling with. Last week I had my first session with a client who is in the 7-figure corporate space who had hit a wall in productivity and after our session where, through my questioning it became clear to him that without deep clarity around your big why, your northstar - it’s hard to keep the daily motivation going. He is now developing his big life vision which we will dig into on our next session.

Supporting my clients with tools - habits that impact their personal and professional lives, time management & goal-setting, emotion-regulation, boundary-setting & intuitive practices to remember how to listen to themselves and not the “shoulds” is the most powerful work (beyond motherhood) that I have ever undertaken.

As my business evolves I am stepping into two new areas.

The first is expanding my group offerings. I have been running masterminds this year with two focuses - one centered around detoxification and the other around life vision and habits.

The detox masterminds focus on the ayurvedic practices (ancient Indian medical system, similar to traditional chinese medicine) where you detox your body (food and exercise), your physical space (homes & offices) and your relationships (with self & others).

The “Unleash Mastermind” helps my clients identify their big why - their vision for their life and business, examine their daily habits and whether they correlate with their big vision (what I call connecting the telescope and microscope) and then creating the right habits and mindshifts to walk the path to their big vision.

The second is to grow a habit collective where people who have gone through my masterminds, worked with me one-on-one or have done my in-the-works digital program can come together and be supported in a cohesive and nurturing environment as I sherpa them along the iterative process of integrating their vision, with the daily habit work and mindshift practices. This is community building at it’s finest - a space to be completely authentic, to have accountability, provides resources and support and to evolve together.


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