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Meet Elaine Connelly. Her coaching story touches you, the people around you, and their pets!

ICF Cleveland is excited to feature Elaine Connelly in the October 2020 "What's Your Coaching Story?"

Elaine Connelly is often the first person you meet at ICF Cleveland Chapter Events. She’s been active on the Programming Committee and is regular contributor to the development of the chapter culture at ICF Cleveland. 

How did you become involved in coaching?

In the 1990’s, I experienced a severe health issue and was facing a wheelchair existence. I searched outside of traditional medicine for a solution and found an energy approach which made sense to me. Within two years, I was back on my feet and on my way to a productive life. I learned that if you develop an imbalance, you can just as well un-develop it……so my integrative RN practice was started and since then has expanded to include many energy balancing approaches. I work with adults, children, and pets both local and long distance.

What is your favorite thing about your career in coaching?

Interacting with people is such a joy as I help them regain balance in the body, mind, and spirit. It get to smile as I see them grow in understanding and awareness as they develop their own, or their pets, health recovery and/or ongoing wellness plan.

What is the best coaching outcome that happened you (this week/ month/year)?

On an ongoing basis, I am in consult with a foster home dog guardian from Phoenix, Arizona.  We collaborate to return these rescue dogs living in her home, many abused and neglected with unknown history, to their optimal health and function. Energy work is for pets too.

Where is your happy place as a coach?

I look forward to experiencing love, peace, joy, happiness, and abundance every day. I feel very blessed in my nursing career as it has evolved and expanded beyond my expectations. I find that an ongoing sense of wonderment is very invigorating.