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Meet Greg Kennedy!  Greg connects with the ICF Cleveland Chapter, even though he lives in the Erie, Pennsylvania area.

What's Your Coaching Story is a monthly feature of the Membership Committee of ICF Cleveland.  Each month we spend a few minutes with a member of the chapter, looking at what got them into coaching, what keeps them coaching and how they serve clients.

This month, meet Greg Kennedy.

Greg Kennedy's day job is as a Sr. HR Business Partner at the Erie Insurance Group. 

He crosses the state line to work and coach, using empathy and relational connections as core strategies.

1. What would your perfect coaching day be like?
When coaching helps others (including me) understand their own perspectives and the perspectives of others and how understanding perspectives can help people engage each other in better, respectful, and fulfilling conversations that lead to the best possible outcome.

2. What is your favorite thing about your career in coaching?
My favorite thing about coaching is helping people discover how they can become better versions of themselves.

3. What is the best coaching outcome that happened you (this week/ month/year)?
I had a coachee that was able to change his career trajectory after our engagement and he always refers people to me in his excitement about his change and I always remind him that he did the heavy lifting and it was a privilege for me to be on the journey with him.

4. Where is your happy place as a coach?
When people can be their authentic selves and okay with me being my authentic self, and we can move in a direction that is beneficial for everyone.  

5. What’s next for you?
As a result of coaching I hope to continually become a better version of myself because I learn as much from coaching others as others may learn from me… its not 50/50 but its always a learning experience.

When you see Greg at our next face-to-face chapter event, be sure to ask him what time he had to get up to get to the meeting!

Greg was featured in the short message ICF Cleveland produced at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
Greg was featured in the short message ICF Cleveland put together at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.