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HomeWhat's Your Coaching Story? April 2020


Meet Vanessa Mullins!  Vanessa is one of the newer members of the ICF Cleveland Chapter.

What's Your Coaching Story is a monthly feature of the Membership Committee of ICF Cleveland.  Each month we spend a few minutes with a member of the chapter, looking at what got them into coaching, what keeps them coaching and how they serve clients.

This month, meet Vanessa Mullins.

Dr. Vanessa Mullins is the CEO/Owner of Elevate Within LLC, where they call her Dr. V.  She provides executive coaching, life strategy coaching and speaking services to a variety of clients.

You can visit the Elevate Within website at


1. What is your favorite thing about your career in coaching?
My favorite thing about my career as an executive coach is listening and coaching executives and professionals who know what they want but are uncertain about how to make it work for them.  

Whether it is improving a strategy, skill, or technique, developing their passion, or achieving goals with integrity, efficiency, and expediency, I can support and guide clients to meet their goal.  

Clients can expect to shift from being stuck to unstuck, gain more confidence and certainty in demonstrating effective decision making skills. 

2. What is the best coaching outcome that happened you (this week/ month/year)?
The best coaching outcome is when clients gain a new awareness, understanding and identity in how to elevate the power from within themselves to achieve effective individual outcomes by accessing helpful tools, tactics, techniques, activities, exercises, and engagements with Elevate Within LLC Executive Coaching Services.  

My clients are Client Driven - Coach Supported.  

Specifically, I supported a client to gain self-confidence and positive energy to accomplish a successful career move by self-discovering effective pathways in resolving a key internal question positively, “Do I have what it takes to make the change?” 

3. Where is your happy place as a coach?
My happy place is co-creating support in shifting my client in producing results. 

Individuals that select Elevate Within LLC as their choice are very satisfied with the results.  

Make a move now and get back in control of achieving goals with integrity, efficiency and expediency - Elevate Within now!

4.How did you become involved in coaching?
I became involved in coaching because I am accessible, approachable, and effective in delivering high-quality professional executive coaching services to executive clients, professionals and organizations in transforming key talent to sustaining excellent outcomes.  

I like to think I have a proven track record of contributing to the continuous generation of business and revenue while igniting passion, innovation and performance in high-achieving clients.  

Say hello to Vanessa next time you see her!