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HomeWhat's Your Coaching Story? March 2020

Meet Dan Saad!  Dan has been an integral part of our ICF-CLE Membership committee.  Meet Dan Saad

Even though Dan lives quite a ways away (in Holland, Ohio, near Toledo), he is committed to what the ICF-CLE chapter is doing.  He operates The Coaching Studio LCC in Holland, and makes regular visits to chapter events.

1. What/whom did you make better today as a coach? 
I understand through the art and science of coaching: never stop being a coach whether it with “a client”, a CEO, an individual behind the retail counter, cash register or a server at a restaurant, my interaction with each individual should always bring positive value to their lives in some small or overwhelming way.

2. What would you like to learn more about in your coaching?
I know I need to continue to learn about my  personal default settings i.e. foibles / failings ,to be that better person

3. What would your perfect coaching day be like?
I “choose” to make each day perfect, and polish it to the brilliance it deserves . . . . It truly is my choice!

4. What is your favorite thing about your career in coaching?
What I learned about myself on my own life’s journey. The reflection (mirror) that we become as coaches for the client for them see themselves works in “the reciprocal” I “see” and experience some of my own foibles and failings through my clients.

5. What is the best coaching outcome that happened you (this week/ month/year)?
My client who had seen a therapist for 12 years for anxiety, depression and procrastination, through some urging via her family (mother, husband, and sons) engaged coach. To the individuals own comments as well as her family’s commentary, she had become a far happier, interactive and productive human being, far less of a procrastinator and that we had collectively covered more personal productive ground in 6 months than the prior 12 years. Coaching Works!

6. Where is your happy place as a coach?
Reading and understanding “the Ancient Stoics wisdom of Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius their life’s philosophy and “the art of living”, the practical philosophy of the Stoics dovetails very comfortable with the art and science of coaching!

7. How did you become involved in coaching?
Karma, it truly was karma, the story is too long and involved, if anyone is interested I would be more than pleased to share the story with them. I attended my core program through Coach U in Auckland New Zealand 2007

8.  What do you recommend for other coaches pursuing this path?
Create exactly what we support our clients to create for themselves a mental (to actually see the what and why) is getting in their/our way, and create the physical and habitual roadmap for our life; life becomes infinitely easier when a “bridge”, a roadmap is created and followed over those old habitual debilitating chasms that were not serving us.

9.    What’s next for you?

10. What’s a fun fact about yourself that might surprise the rest of the chapter?    
I’m involved in a one year training program to become a Pilates instructor!

The next time you see Dan at one of the chapter meetings or events, be sure to come up and say hello!