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Role: Membership Chairperson

This role leads membership activities for the chapter. The role leverages creative thinking, proactivity, attention to detail, volunteer resources, and a high standard for quality to be successful.

Direct Measures of Success:
  • Membership growth and retention
  • Membership engagement
In-direct Measures of Success:
  • Chapter financial health
Time Commitment:
This role is expected to volunteer an average of 15 hours of time each month to the following activities (Role may require more or less time each month pending needs of organization):
  • Chapter Board Meeting: 2 hours per month (includes preparation time)
  • Membership Committee Meetings: 2 hour per month
  • Committee & Chapter Activity: 3 hours per month
  • Membership interaction and administration varies based on needs, inquiries, and meetings
To be a successful volunteer leader in this role, the incumbent must possess the following qualities and be a member of ICF Global and ICF Cleveland:
  1. Commitment: Demonstrated commitment to the International Coach Federation, ICF Cleveland, and the advancement of professional coaching in this geography. This person must hold a credential in good standing from ICF (ACC, PCC, or MCC).

  2. Volunteer Leadership:
    • Recruiting: Ability to recruit and engage a diverse group of volunteers from throughout the region to serve
    • Engagement: Ability to engage volunteers by understanding their unique strengths and passion, then co-create opportunities for that are meaningful that accomplish the chapter’s mission, vision, and values
    • Succession: Ability to develop chapter volunteer pipelines of succession and long-term stability of the chapter
    • Facilitator: A team player that works well at facilitating the leadership of others
    • Regional Leadership: Ability to serve and engage others in service with regional activities
    • Administration: Ability to successfully organize and support the role with administrative skills

  3. Integration: Ability to collaborate with other chapter leaders, board members, and chapter staff

  4. Fiduciary Responsibility & Accountability: Fulfill legal, ethical, and business procedures in accordance with non-profit organization law, chapter bylaws and procedures, and ICF Global Ethics and Chapter guidelines

  5. Membership Care: 
    • Creating and/or maintain incentives/programs that help increase membership retention
    • Responds to questions regarding chapter membership
    • Responds to inquiries about becoming a coach
    • Facilitates members engaging with committees and ad hoc projects
    • Facilitates members engaging with conferences and Coaching Week event(s)
    • Provide awareness of chapter membership benefits and resources
    • Provide awareness of how to become an ICF Global Member or credential holder along with benefits
    • Encourage active members to engage with new members and network
    • Encourage active members to invite new potential members
    • Provide communication to incoming members, membership renewals, and expiring members
    • Onboarding of new members, providing welcome kit and information on engagement
    • Make personal phone calls and conduct in person meetings as needed to potential, new, and former affiliates