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2016 Programs

December 9, 2016
18th Annual Coaches Breakfast and Book Exchange

Mark your calendars for FRIDAY, December 19
8 until ~10:30 AM

Yes, 18 years!  In an age of unprecedented rapid change, traditions connect us to community

Indiana Wesleyan University, 4100 Rockside Rd
(room TBD)
$15.00 for members AND non-members
Cost includes a hot breakfast & beverages
Please RSVP for this event whether you are a member or non-member (for our catering count)  
P.S.  if you decide at the last minute, please come anyway… but if you know now, tell us!
Requirements for admittance:  
  1.  Bring a GIFT WRAPPED BOOK for the random exchange.  It can be new or previously read, and should be something you've found useful or inspirational, in coaching or in life.  Select a book that has meant something in your own life or work.  When your recipient opens the book, be prepared to share why you chose to forward the book -- that's the fun part!
  2. Bring a STORY about You.  Our networking theme will be The Hero’s Journey: What Brought You to Coaching?
P.S. Mark the 2nd Fri of every month of 2017 as we go “Back to Basics: The Art and Science of Coaching!”


November 11, 2016 - Blogging Isn't a Burden
Busting Myths and Erasing Fears About Blogging to Create Community, a Platform of Expertise and Real Client Leads

Does the word "blog" drive fear into your heart? You're not alone. But if you're not blogging, you could be missing out on valuable business opportunities including cultivating your own community, leveraging a digital-based platform to showcase your expertise and generating client leads. 
Bloggers have learned how to harness the power of the self-publishing world to their own advantage for years and these days it’s more unusual for a business to NOT have a blog than to have one. It’s becoming as common as having a business card, but many still approach the idea with trepidation for a variety of reasons. 
Angela Moore will take you through the most common fears and myths of blogging along with simple, practical ways to overcome them and achieve real results for your coaching business. With a background in internet marketing, Angela will use her knowledge to show you how you can take your content and elevate it above the digital noise that pervades the internet today.
From experienced bloggers to the complete novice, this presentation is sure to generate some action plans to take your coaching practice’s content to the next level. 

Angela Moore is a Resilience Coach and the owner of Unexpected Art, a coaching practice dedicated to helping women heal from grief, heartbreak and self-destructive behaviors. She works with women who know there is more to life than just what is in front of them and helps them pursue their core desires and ultimate dreams. 
Angela also has a background in digital marketing and works with small business owners to harness their limited resources and generate real, bottom line driving results. 
These two worlds have converged in more ways than one and by using her digital marketing skills, she is now reaching out to more women than she thought possible through her words, her life lessons and her never ending drive to make the world a more wholesome place, one woman at a time. 


October 14, 2016 - How to talk about what you do so that everyone understands

"But what do you do?" 
Every coach dreads this question. While coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world today, coaches still struggle to define what we actually do. Our program presenter, Jonathan Reitz, walks you through the neurological process for developing language that works for you and clearly communicates what you and your coaching practice have to offer. 
This language will also help inform your coaching practice and shape the way you interact with clients, starting from first contact all the way through your last coaching conversation. 
Learn conversational strategies paralleling the natural ways your brain works enabling you to communicate smoothly and authentically.  Simple, working definitions of coaching, mentoring, counseling and consulting setting you up for success, framing your coaching and sales conversations. 

Jonathan Reitz, Director of Training, CoachNet, PCC
Jonathan Reitz has been coaching since 1997 with over 4000 hours of coaching experience in executive, leadership, small business, spiritual development, and mentor coaching. Additionally, he has been training coaches since 2002 working with more that 500 individuals who want to develop coaching skills and integrate those skills into their leadership. His company, CoachNet, recently earned the ACSTH designation from the ICF. He is the primary author of cnStandard, core training of CoachNet and "Coaching Hacks: Nine Things Coaches Do that Make Every Conversation More Effective" released in January 2016. 

September 9, 2016 - Hearing the Unheard Story


Hearing the Unheard Story workshop will allow the participants to apply the skill of relaxed focused listening to the stories told by clients. Storylistening is based on the concept that people communicate by telling stories and they tell the stories so they can hear them. Since the mind loves to answer questions, we will identify how to design questions to get information, give insight and bring awareness. 


This four-hour workshop will describe and explain an advanced tool for listening and asking questions. Storylistening will be explained by stories and demonstrations. Past participants have called this workshop “deep disturbing fun” and a life-changing skill. This will change how you listen. This will change how you help.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Apply a new method of hearing the client’s unheard stories.
  2. Identify the stories that influence the client’s behavior. 
  3. Create questions that lead to awareness and insight of the issues.
  4. Identify story words.
  5. Organize their own style of listening and creating questions.



David Austin Sky:
Since 1984, David Austin Sky has been a full time speaker and trainer who tells stories to share life’s wisdom. David has a Masters Degree from the Methodist Theological School. For the last 25 years he has taught how to Hear the Unheard Stories. These are the stories that the one tells, but cannot hear. He is the author of See the Forest, Hear the Trees: The Art of Storylistening and Sky Stories: A Storybook for Grownups. David has been a counselor, a bar band musician, and a janitor at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Maybe he cannot hold a steady job.


August 12, 2016 - Emotional Fitness for Coaches

Coaches come from a lot of different backgrounds and are trained in lot of different approaches. Whatever our training, fear – aka stress - is a common theme we face as coaches. The effects of stress on the decision-making process is evident in our clients’ actions and subsequently their results. Let’s face it - change and fear go hand in hand... 
What is not so obvious is the effect of client stress on us as coaches. It doesn't show up as fear but we experience it as fatigue, heaviness, irritability, frustration, physical aches and pains... clients don't turn up or won't leave, cancel appointments, compete with you, etc. 
Annita's fresh perspective will explore the effects of stress on the coaching relationship and teach you tips and tools you can use for yourself and your clients so that fear simply informs the coaching process and doesn't define it. 

You will learn:
  • To identify how stress affects the coaching process (more importantly you) 
  • What to do before the session to enhance engagement and how to clear your energy between clients to minimize carry over.
  • 'Emotional fitness': Identify the need for balance for coaches and clients, while harnessing the power of emotion. 

Annita Keane is a Success Coach and teaches peak performance through stress management. She frequently helps busy professionals/executive managers play their ‘A’ Game under pressure, by teaching them how to manage stress and make smart decisions. Her work has been distributed in 16 countries and translated into 7 different languages. Her goal is to help remove self-doubt by teaching others to connect with their inner GPS and make the decisions that work for them. Annita lives in Bay Village with her husband and 2 teenagers. As an avid golfer, she plans to play in every state in America

July 8, 2016 - Clair-I-fy: A holistic process of self-discovery integrating yoga


What a perfect way to enjoy a summer retreat!  This program brings a holistic focus on mind, body, and overall well-being. The purpose of the yoga is to not only open ourselves physically, but open our minds and hearts to possibilities, creating the environment to be very present; not what has to be done today, rest of the weekend, or dwelling on what we did yesterday. After a gentle yoga flow (no experience necessary), we move into self work around clarifying what is important to you by reflecting on where we have been, refocusing on what is important, and then thinking what is possible as we move forward and create our personal vision of success. Participants will leave with some tools that they can apply immediately, which will help in being re-focused, re-engaged, and re-energized. In order to be an impactful coach of others, we first have to be grounded in who we are and excited about the journey we are on:  being your own leader! The workshop wraps up with each person creating their own vision of success and restorative yoga. 

Come dressed comfortably.  If you have a yoga or exercise mat, you are welcome to bring it! There will also be chairs available for those who prefer not to use a mat. 

This program will be held at Ideal Wellness located at 6595 Brecksville Road, Suite #3, Independence, OH 44131

Claire A. Scott Miller has been an executive coach and career and human resource consultant for over twenty years.   Her executive coaching assists individuals in maximizing their leadership potential and career-life satisfaction. Her consulting and training expertise has successfully assisted organizations in maximizing the effectiveness of their human resources and contributing to organizational productivity.  Clients represent executives and organizations from Fortune 500 corporations, professional service firms, banks, hospitals and government agencies across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East   This in-depth coaching and consulting exposure helps her connect and understand the various work cultures and life situations her clients face. 
She trained formally as a coach through the National Association of Business Coaches;  advanced coach certification completed on Coaching for Intentional Development at Weatherhead School of Management,  Case Western Reserve Univ.  and the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) through HayGroup. Her education includes a BA from Denison Univ., M.Ed. from Bowling Green and continuing education at Harvard and Radcliff.

June 10, 2016 -The Elements of Our Coaching

“The elements of our coaching:” How to sharpen and shape ANY and EVERY coaching skill instantly and easily.
“How do I do Powerful Questions”
“I want to get stronger in Challenging my clients”
“I’m not that strong in Bottom Lining”
“I wish I could be awesome with Acknowledgments”
Does this sound like you?  Actually, there are over 80 different coaching skills, aspects and components in our coaching.  And let’s be honest.  It’s not that easy to be awesome at 80+ skills.  If only there was a simple, yet effective formula that would instantly boost and strengthen ANY and EVERY coaching skill.  No matter what your training, no matter how long or short you’ve been coaching, “The Elements of our Coaching”™ is just what you need to accelerate your path towards your coaching mastery.

This innovative and fun workshop presents the amazing Periodic Table of Coaching Elements, a simple yet extremely powerful way of looking at your coaching fundamentals. It will target the weak spots you have in your coaching and tighten them easily and automatically.

Ben Dooley, MCC, facilitates the bi-weekly “COACHING SKILLS FORUM” telecalls, is the author of BeDo Bits Newsletter for Coaches and the author of the “MasterFull IS as MasterFull DOES” workbook series, as well as creator of multiple interactive and engaging coach growing workshops and teleclasses like the powerful and unparalleled “Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass series.  He has served as Past President of the ICF Chicago Chapter and co-founder and co-producer of the Midwest Regional Advisory Council and the Midwestern Coaching Conference.  In fact, with just about everything he does in the coaching world demonstrates his overwhelming commitment to coaching coaches, and helping them discover their powerful coaching magnificence, coaching confidence and coaching success.


May 13, 2016 - Managing Conflict to Improve Effectiveness

We all experience conflict in our lives, our careers, our coaching engagements. Gain an understanding of how the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) can help you understand how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics. More importantly learn how you can help your client be more empowered to choose the appropriate style for any situation.

Our speaker, Laurie Malone, will help you as a coach understand the TKI. She will demonstrate how you can use it to assist your clients with conflict management, team building, leadership development, performance improvement, stress reduction, and employee retention.

The TKI tool assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations and describes it along two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness. It provides detailed information about how that individual can effectively use five different conflict-handling modes, or styles.

If you have not taken the TKI, the cost to take the assessment is $20 per person. If you have already taken the TKI, please bring the results to the program. Register to take the TKI when you register for the program. You will receive your printed results the day of the program.

Laurie Malone’s understanding of relationships and collaboration enables her to positively impact the cultures of organizations. Her career has evolved from resolving conflict as a transformative mediator to helping people avoid conflict by transforming relationships. She is a practicing attorney and mediator focusing in family law. Laurie is certified in Myers-Briggs and the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory through the Hay Group. In addition, she is certified through Case Western Reserve University as an Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Change Theory Coach.

Laurie is Co-Chair of the Mediation Group for the Center for Principled Advocacy, Board Member of the Country Lakes Home Owner’s Association, and Board Member of Cornerstone of Hope.

April 8, 2016 - Using Appreciative Inquiry in Coaching Conversations

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a model to engage individuals, teams, and/or organizations in determining positive change based on strengths and not merely focusing on problem solving. Developed by David Cooperrider, a professor in organizational behavior at Case Western Reserve University, AI looks at what works in order to imagine what could be.

 “Appreciative Inquiry deliberately seeks to discover people’s exceptionality – their unique gifts, strengths, and qualities. It actively searches and recognizes people for their specialties – their essential contributions and achievements…Its goal is to discover in all human beings the exceptional and the essential. Its goal is to create organizations that are in full voice!” D. Cooperrider

We will provide a high-level overview of AI to open the program. The focus will be on applying the tool in coaching. You will engage in real coaching conversations and debrief discussions to practice the skill. The overview includes the five phases of the AI approach.
Step 1.  Define the problem in a positive framework
Step 2.  Discovery Phrase – look for the best in the past and what is currently working well. Gather all the data and determine what is most valued.
Step 3.  Dream Phase – Dream of “what might be.”
Step 4.  Design Phase – Building on the Dream Phase, look at the practicalities needed to support the vision.
Step 5.  Deliver Phase – What plans and preparations are needed to make the positive change.
Come learn how you can incorporate the AI model into your coaching.  This is an opportunity to practice your powerful questions in the AI phases to make the changes your clients and organizations desire.

Your Co-facilitator 

Patricia Bright is the owner of Bright Consulting, a human development company she started in 1999.  Patricia works with leaders and professionals that are experiencing professional or personal transition or who desire exemplary performance in their careers or in their lives. She is a certified coach through the 
Gestalt Institute (GPCC) and holds a coaching credential at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level through the International Coach Federation. She is also a Board Certified Coach (BCC). She holds certifications in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the DiSC Profile, Appreciative Inquiry in Positive Business and Society Change, Managing Organizational Transition, Winslow Profiles, Facilitative Leadership, Inside-Out Coaching, High Impact Mapping, Success Case Methodology, TeamSTEPPS, Talent Management, and Crucial 
Conversations.  She is a trained GE Lean Leader and a certified GE Master Change Agent.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Arts degree from The Ohio State University.


March 11, 2016 - One Note Made Simple - For Organizing Your Life!

If you have not tried Microsoft OneNote for both PCs and Apple products, we invite you to come and see what you are missing.  You will be amazed at all the uses this new program offers.  

Our speaker, Susan Aldrich, will demonstrate the different features and share how handy it is for organizing, keeping track of information, collaborating on projects for trainers, facilitators and coaches including how to:
  • Create and share notebooks
  • Organize all kinds of different materials and information
  • Easily drag emails into any notebook
  • Create short learning videos
  • Record coaching calls or meetings
  • Organize all your coaching or training materials and handouts
  • Customize your own pages and tabs
  • Sync notebooks with your iPad and iPhone
Bring your laptop, your tablet, or your phone so you can try out all the features yourself.  By the way…if you recently upgraded to a newer version of Microsoft, you may have OneNote and not even realize it.  

Experience how fun and easy this intuitive program is for getting and keeping organized.
  1. Sign in and set up a OneNote account
  2. Set up notebook with tabs, pages and links
  3. Experience and practice how to record audio and video to record sessions
  4. How to email and print pages
  5. How to get organized!
Susan Aldrich, President of Susan Aldrich & Associates LLC is a Registered Corporate Coach and is DiSC certified. She has 25 Years training and coaching experience. Certified and specialize in Accelerated Learning design and delivery. She works with organizations to help them create world-class training that engages and motivates audiences. As a certified coach, she works with sales people, plant managers and executives to better lead the teams.

February 12, 2016 - A Visual Way of Doing Personal Work

Who you are is how you coach and lead.  We ask our clients to look deep, to trust us with their thoughts and desires, to examine their belief systems - all in preparation for planting the seeds of possibility.  But we cannot inspire this passion in others without engaging in it for ourselves.  Experience a mini SHIFT-IT® presentation, a powerful visual approach designed to focus in on your vision, resistance and action planning.
From 60-65% of your facilitation, coaching, training and consulting clients are visual thinkers.  Learning powerful visual skills will boost the effectiveness of how you work with them. You do not have to be an artist or master storyteller to use metaphor and analogy to illustrate a point or paint a verbal picture.  As a Certified Visual Coach® in the SHIFT-IT System®, Karen Gilliam, PhD is licensed to use 17 copyrighted visual maps.  SHIFT-IT is a seven-stage process: Satisfaction Interrupted, Harvest Your History, Investigate Your Now, Focus on Your Future, Trouble at the Border, Ink It, Don’t Just Think It and Take Action.  In this mini SHIFT-IT® session, you will experience a visual approach that focuses in on your vision, resistance to it, and action planning.
Here's what you can expect from this presentation:
  • Participants will be able to start collecting their own icons and immediately apply them as metaphors and analogies in visual form.
  • Given that different people have different learning and thinking styles, graphic facilitation (individual or group) combines the three thinking modalities (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and utilizes both sides of the brain … the most effective way to engage different types of people with different learning preferences.
  • Knowledge/theory:  In the core competency of direct communication, participants will be knowledgeable in explaining the purpose and rationale for using a visual approach.
  • Tools/techniques:  In the core competency of direct communication, participants will experience how metaphor and analogy help to illustrate a point or paint a verbal picture.  In the core competency of creating awareness, participants will experience an exercise that helps clients discover for themselves the new thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions, moods, etc. that strengthen their ability to take action and achieve what is important to them.
  • Resource/information:  Participants will be provided with a listing of resources should they have an interest in developing graphic facilitation skills and/or acquiring visual tools and templates.
Dr. Karen L. Gilliam is employed by NASA Glenn Research Center as Chief of Human Capital Development in the Office of Human Capital Management.  In this role, she is responsible for the planning, development and delivery of a comprehensive program of training (personal, professional, and technical); change management and organization development consulting support; and coaching and mentoring services. Karen has worked in the fields of human resources, training and organization development for over 20 years in both private and public sectors.  Over the years, Dr. Gilliam has served as adjunct instructor for Cuyahoga Community College, Baldwin-Wallace and Myers University.  She has had articles published in HRfocus, the Diversity Journal, the International Leadership Association series Building Leadership Bridges, and was a contributing author in Storied Careers, an e-book featuring over 40 story practitioners. In 2011, she authored her first book “Finding Your Voice In A World That Needs It.    


January 8, 2016 - A special Full Day ICF Cleveland Event

Are you ready to create a new level of success for your business in 2016?
To do that you need a plan. Better yet, you need a road map.  
The One Page Business Plan® is YOUR Road Map to Success! 

  • Improve Execution of Goals and Drive Results
  • Identify Your Mission, Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans for 2016
  • Keep Your Plans Clear and Concise
  • Leave with a Solid Draft of your Business Plan in this Full-Day Session

Join Megan Patton of ODA Strategy, as she breaks down the complexity of business planning into five simple steps, which answer five simple questions. Spend the day learning and writing and leave with a solid draft of your 2016 One Page Business Plan®. This is the time to get organized!

Business planning is a process that most people over-complicate! Learn how to write a plan that you can actually USE as a day-to-day roadmap for your business. Document those critical things that once done, will move your business forward. One Page planning will help keep you focused and help you thrive in your business.
By attending this workshop, participants will:
  • Learn the five components of a strong business plan
  • Be able to identify objectives, strategies and action plans that when implemented will significantly move their business plan forward
  • Develop their own business plan during the session and will have a solid draft at the end of the day
TIME: Registration 8:30 AM; Program 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
LOCATION: ICF Cleveland, Indiana Wesleyan, 4100 Rockside Rd., Independence, OH 44131
COST: Includes Box Lunch & 6 ICF CCEs
Early Bird until Dec. 15
ICF CLE members - only $55; Guests - $75
After Dec. 15 Regular Price
ICF CLE members - $65; Guests - $85
Open to the Public
For more information, contact Susanna Goulder at (216) 255-9705
"I recommend that every business owner take this class."
Ellen "Sam" Scheer, Agent, American Family Insurance
"I walked out of the workshop with an ACTUAL plan I can and want to follow! Totally worthwhile investment of my time!"
Lisa Crilley Mallis, Systems Savvy Consulting
Megan Patton is a business strategist who has been a management consultant, trainer and executive business coach for most of her career. She spends her time working with individuals, companies and non-profits to help define and implement strategies that enable peak performance and growth. She looks at the way something is done (process); who is doing the work (people); and whether something should be done at all (strategy). Megan approaches client situations from a perspective of what is working well, measured against company goals and works hand in hand with her clients to develop workable and positive solutions to improving performance.

Megan worked in a "Big Four" consulting firm for many years and focused on business process reengineering, change management and learning system development. Her clients range from large multinational companies to internal constituents. Prior to her career in management consulting, Megan was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. Megan received a Bachelor of Arts from Kenyon College and an MBA in Strategy from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She is a licensed affiliate of The One Page Business Plan Company. Megan is a strong believer in lifelong learning and continues to take classes on a variety of subjects.