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2013 Programs


December 13, 2013 - Annual Holiday Celebration

Catered Breakfast followed by Book Exchange on December 13, 2013

Bring a wrapped new or gently used book and be prepared to share
with your coaching colleagues why this book is GREAT reading!!!!

7:45am – 8:30am: Networking Breakfast
8:30am –10:30am: Gift Exchange
(Please Note the Extended Meeting Time!!!!!!!!!!!!)

COST $12 guests and members

December 10, 2013 - Joint Networking Event with the OD Connection

Start your holiday season with some professional networking with our partner, The OD Connection, at Bar Louie in Downtown Cleveland!

5:30 to 7:30 PM

Light appetizers will be provided; cash bar.  The event is free, but please RSVP.  You can do so by e-mailing or registering HERE.

November 2013 - Improve Your Savvy With Best Practices Resource Sharing

All attendees have the opportunity to engage in dialogue on two of the following topics:
  • Using Visuals to Move the Client Forward
  • Business Building Using Multiple Streams of Income
  • Mind, Body & Coaching:  The Issue is in the Tissue
  • Enhance Your Business Using Social Media 

Resource Experts             
  • Patricia Bright
  • Joan Nosal
  • Patty Sadallah
  • Betsy Muller
  • Lisa Ryan

October 2013 - Spontaneous Combustion

Discovering the Clients’ Pain, Passions and Priorities . . .How to become a trusted advisor and coach

  • Four types of questions that “experts” and trusted advisors use to build a deep and significant relationship.
  • How to say less and sell more of your coaching services.
  • Feel comfortable with any person, any time and know you will have things to say (or not say).
  • Practice real time new learned skills of listening and drawing out the coaching client’s needs and wants.

Presented by Kordell Norton, CSP
Revenue Mechanic                                                           
Synergy Solutions, LLC


September 2013 -- Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Coaching Practice

Get the inside scope on how to feature your talents to prospective clients and audiences.

Our Outstanding Featured Presenters:

T.L. Champion, writing coach and award-winning copywriter, who has worked on hundreds of
ad campaigns and projects for top brands worldwide. She has authored the Cleveland City
Brag Book and had feature columns/sections in Cool Cleveland, The Plain Dealer and the
American Advertising Federation. T.L. is truly an exceptional content strategist.

Lisa Ryan, keynote speaker, gratitude expert and author of five books including: From “Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak” and “The Upside of Down Time.”  She is a featured expert in two films, “The Keeper of the Keys” and “The Gratitude Experiment.” Lisa has achieved worldwide recognition for her expertise on positivity and gratitude.

August 2013 -- Highlights from the 2013 Midwest Regional Conference

Join Presenters Jim Smith, Patricia Bright, Deborah Zawislan, and Debora Mallin  (not pictured)  as they
recap the 2013 ICF Midwest Regional Conference.
          Featured program topics:
Highlights of the Coaching Conference
Six Advanced Coaching Skills for Selling
“The Bigger Game” Coaching Tool
Visual Coaching Tools

July 2013 -- Coach's Retreat:  Focus On Your Self-Care And Find Resilience

When you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to take good care of your coaching clients. This summer retreat is designed to help you renew your spirit, refresh your thinking, rejuvenate your passion for life and take time for quiet reflection. Come to BHUMI’s beautiful retreat space with an open mind and open heart to engage your senses and soak in all the goodness of the day.

Throughout the day, you will be guided through a series of mindful, interactive exercises that will ignite your mind-body-spirit connection. See tangible changes in yourself and take away concrete ideas to enhance your life. Your whole being will be nurtured by your retreat leaders, Sherry Greenleaf, Harriet Russell, Ann Fitzgerald and Christine Zust.

What to bring:
•    Brown bag lunch
•    Journal or paper and pen
•    Blanket or towel to sit/lie on

What to wear:
•    Comfortable clothing
•    Leave the heavy perfume and cologne at home
•    Optional: Walking shoes for the paths in the woods
•    Note: No shoes to be worn in the workshop room

For additional information and to register visit the Event Page.

June 2013 -- Creating Meaningful Coaching Conversations through an Awareness of a Client’s Development Characteristics: Exploring Adult Development Stages

     Patricia Bright and Barb Garver

     Program Takeaways
     Discuss the importance of being familiar with seven worldviews that clients hold.
     Demonstrate an understanding of the critical connections in the client’s worldview
     Explore worldview questions that will deepen the impact of the client’s awareness
     Discuss characteristics of worldviews and reflect on the worldview perspectives


May 2013 -- Coaching the Total Person

Sherry Watts
Language Strategist, Trained Mediator, Registered Corporate Coach, Distinguished Toastmaster and MBA.

Coaching the Total Person: Open up your clients' thinking by tapping into different strengths that get them to think in different ways.

April 24th -- ICF Cleveland 5th Annual Coaching Showcase

Featuring Keynote Speaker: Laura Belsten, PhD., MCC
Internationally-known expert on Coaching Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Learn about Emotional Intelligence, one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand areas of coaching today
  • Discover how Emotional Intelligence is used by executive & business coaches, life coaches, HR professionals, consultants, and others
  • Network with other experienced professionals & entrepreneurs who want to learn more about coaching and EI
  • Experience the benefits of EI during interactive breakout sessions
  • Learn how to apply EI techniques in your business and in your life

April 12th -- Competency, Credentialing, and Certification:
Moving from Myth and Fear into Facts and Confidence as you navigate the path to being a Professional Coach.

What’s a coach to do when clients don’t ask for credentials yet you feel your own drive to get better and prepare for a future where coaching is more necessary than ever in the world? What’s myth and what’s reality?  Join us for an informative session on the future of the coaching profession

Jim Smith, PCC, is an international executive and life coach, author, and change strategist.  Since 1992, Jim has coached leaders from 25 countries and five continents to achieve greater leadership effectiveness and balance.  He currently has clients in eight times zones and believes that Skype is a gift from the coaching gods.

March 26th -- Teleconference:  Neuroscience and Coaching: The Edges of Exploration

Free Teleconference with Master Coach Joan King on March 26th from 7:30-9:30pm. We will explore the neuroscience that underlies core coaching processes. Accurate, up-to-date knowledge of some mechanisms, of coding values, experiencing emotion and decision making in different contexts, explained in simple terms have the potential to enhance our coaching effectiveness. For example, when we code something as valuable, it is a subjective process that subsequently influences many different neural networks, literally visual networks, emotional networks and of course, it influences the activity of circuits involved in decision making. A brief introduction of such concepts of neuroscience will be followed by a rich discussion about how knowing what we learn about how neurons in networks behave could impact our coaching strategies. Tune in for an exciting and interactive learning experience.

For more information about the event and to register for this free teleconference, please register here: process for obtaining CCEUs for this event will be provided during the call.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karla D. Walker our Regional Programming Chair for the ICF Midwest Regional Advisory Council, at or 608-358-1021.

March 8th --  Want to Generate new awareness?  Try and Experiment!

Join ICF Cleveland on March 8th for this hands-on working session to understand and tryout using experiments to go deeper, faster with your coaching clients.  

Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MCC and Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, will introduce us to why and how of generating new client awareness and self-discovery in the coaching session using the Gestalt Coaching tenet of experiments.

As a result of this high-energy session, participants will have a basic understanding of the power of experimenting with clients, and will have an opportunity to practice the process for themselves as coach and as client so that they can immediately apply the learning in their coaching.

Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MCC, is a strategist, executive coach, and dynamic public speaker. Having worked in industry and with corporate executives for over twenty-five years, she assists leaders and boards create clarity of strategy, cause positive and lasting change, and realize their visions. Melissa is also a mentor coach, focusing on working with PCCs to attain MCC skills.
On faculty for the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Coaching Program (ACTP credentialed,) Melissa is pursuing her ICF Mentor Coaching Certification (expected May 2013).  Melissa is a Board Certified Coach, a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, and has an MS in Organizational Systems from University of Southern California. 

February 8th -- The Coaching Experience . . . Facilitating Intentional Progress

An effective Coach guides clients through their beliefs, fears, and desires to help them get where they want to go.  From setting expectations to determining the impact of goal completion, progress is often predicated on the guidance and support that the coach brings to the experience.
At the February 8th ICF-Cleveland meeting, veteran coach Diane Helbig will focus her presentation on three key areas:
    Understanding the process of managing progress.
    Techniques for guiding the client to embrace each step in the process.
    Ideas to help a client move past their obstacles.
A credentialed business coach, Diana has a stellar reputation throughout the Cleveland business community—and beyond.  She is a  dynamic presenter, who has graciously agreed to share her tips and technique for ensuring progress and accomplishment are integral to the COACHING EXPERIENCE …from both the client’s and the coach’s perspective.

January 11 -- Time Management Mastery

Learn how to earn $250,000 per year while working just 45 hours a week. Our program leader, Michael Charest, is a 13 year veteran business coach, consultant, author and speaker.